The fair word game. Available on iOS and Android for mobile and tablet.


Put your words into action!

WordCrex is the challenging, fair and very popular Scrabble variant! Each turn you get seven letters. Your challenge is to form words and score as many points as possible. The exciting thing is that your opponent has the same seven letters and also tries to score as many points as possible. Can you beat your opponent with the same letters?

For more information check our FAQ's in your language.


WordCrex the first free fair multiplayer word game challenge.

  • Fair Game Principle

    Players are challenged to form words with the same letters.
  • Multiplayer

    Up to 4 players can play a game of WordCrex.
  • 20+ Languages Available

    WordCrex can be played in more than 20 languages.
  • Great Dictionaries

    Official Scrabble dictionaries or the best alternative to play with.
  • WordCrex Shop

    Enjoy our shop for customizing options, statistics and much more!
  • Great Game Summary Screen

    A game summary screen to keep track of your opponents words and scores.



For questions also check our FAQ's.